Fees & Costs


Plan in Advance

You will find information about some of the likely costs you can expect to incur. These costs come under a variety of headings and the exact amount you will pay will, of course, depend upon your circumstances and the type of property you’re mortgaging. It’s a good idea to discuss this with your adviser. They will be able to help you draw up a budget to cover all the likely costs you can expect to incur.

Stamp Duty

The higher the purchase price of a property, the more stamp duty you will pay. Furthermore, if the property you are buying is a buy-to-let or second home the stamp duty increases further. You can see up-to-date stamp duty rates by clicking here Please see the table below and accompanying examples:

Survey Fees

Depending on the type you choose, you could be paying anything from £250 for a basic report to around £1,000+ for a more detailed structural survey. Your surveyor will discuss your requirements with you.

Other Costs You May Incur

If you’re selling a property and you use an estate agent, you will typically be charged a fee usually equating to 1% – 3% of the sale price, plus VAT.

You may need to use a removal firm. They will provide an estimate of the cost based on the amount of furniture and possessions that will need to be transported and the distance you’ll be moving.

Your Lender

Here are some examples of fees and costs that could be charged by your lender.

Legal Costs

Your solicitor or conveyancer will charge you for carrying out all the legal work involved in your purchase. You will also have to pay for any searches that are required.